Sunday, January 8, 2012

Report Card for Parents

Building Bravehearts is so much about parenting.  How are you doing?  Our students just got their first semester grades to give parents a snapshot of how their children are doing.  This is a great time to think about how you are doing as a parent.

What is even better is knowing that you can start a new grading period for yourself right now!  Set some goals, make some plans, and ask God's help.  Then, in June, see how this semester went for you.  None of us do it all right, for sure.  But, thinking about how to improve as parents is a huge step the right way.

You won't get it all right, but God is gracious and children are pretty resilient.  Intentional, sincere, and humble parenting will move your children forward and give God room to work!

Below is a piece I did in Tween Ages.  Maybe it will help you think of how you can grade yourself.  You might have some changes from the ideas here.  Creating your own categories would make it even better.

I trust you have a great semester!

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