Thursday, December 3, 2015

Warming up the Engine

I wrote the note below over a year ago. I said below that "I have not given up on Building Bravehearts...I am confident I will come back."

I have spent much of the last year preparing for and starting a new ministry called Rooted Schools ( and doing some other writing (, for example). Getting a "startup" going is rather distracting to paying attention to Building Bravehearts, no matter how important it is!

Lord willing, I will begin some irregular posting here. The need for courage in children has not lessened in a year, but increased. Children need more than ever to have courage in a world of fears, to not lose heart in order to become the person God wants them to be. It is my dream that my work with Rooted Schools will result in children who are equipped and courageous to impact their world for Jesus. Onward!


P.S. I will get around soon to the second reason for courage. The first was "truth" posted below. The next is "love." Love is coming!

Here is the note from over a year ago:

I am convinced more than ever that children need courage, that they need to have brave hearts to use the gifts God gave them and take advantage of the opportunities that He gives. That they would have the best that God offers and not lose it because of fear, like Israel did when they first went in the Promised Land. But, because of fear, the Promised Land went to another generation. It could have been theirs.

I am encouraged about works and books that are infiltrating our culture, like "Mindset" and "Flourish" that take a psychologist's approach to the same idea that Paul said two-thousand years ago when he told fathers to not exasperate their children, so they would not lose heart. A lost heart gives up, it is the opposite of a braveheart, and a mindset that says "try" instead of "cower."

So, I have not given up on these ideas that are rooted in the Bible, long before psychologists began uncovering them.

However, I am going to take a "pause" (which, if you see how much I have written in Building Bravehearts recently, you would know I have already paused). While I will continue to explore new ideas about Building Bravehearts to help parents, I am going to shift some of my "free" time in writing to a couple of other areas, primarily building "biblical" schools (schools not only teaching truth, but operating according to eternal truths from Scripture) and sharing other specific educational insights from my thirty some odd years of school leadership. I also hope to explore some more personal things God has taught me.

I have not given up on Building Bravehearts. As I see ideas I will keep dropping in an occasional blog. And, I am confident I will come back. It is sorely needed in our world and for our children today. Satan traffics in fear. Our culture rattles foundations of truth, making children--and adults--hold back from conviction which helps overcome fear. Parents, through both hovering over children and neglecting them, increasingly create children who give up, who are afraid to try. Children must have heart, and it is increasingly important.

But, for a season, I think I can help more in my limited time in some other areas.

Please, explore some old blogs. Generally they are not tied to certain events and hopefully may give some glimmer into how to help your child be a Braveheart, willing to try and fulfill all God intends for him or her.